Hydroponic Vertical Aeroponics Tower

Aeroponics Vertical tower gives the dual power of nutrient through fogging and through drip rains. Roots get the maximum air and hence display most optimum growth. Multiple towers could be connected to form one single setup


Additional information




6.5 Ft X 0.5 Ft


Virgin food grade plastic, owned manufacturing, have dual arrangement of fogging and drip rains. 100% water recycling. Can withstand heat of upto 60 degree

Ideal For

Growing leafy vegetables like Spinach, Lettuce, Basil or fruiting plants like Strawberry, Chilly etc

Compatible Media

NetCups, Hydrotone, Jiffy bags, Oasis cubes

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Detailed Product Description

Hydroponic Vertical Aeroponics Tower provides very high density of plants with no compromise on the growth. Roots get maximum oxygen and nutrition and hence spurts rigorous growth. Following are its main features:

– It has flexible plant hosting blocks of 6 inches size. We can increase or decrease number of plants by removing or adding blocks.

– Typically, the tower has 40 plants – 6.5 Feet height, 6” diameter

– Made of PP and ABS, It is White in color. 2 mm thickness

– Dual system of fogging and raining of water inside the tower

– 100% water recycling

– Time Setting for water flow, still period

– System for tower cleaning, maintenance and tower parts removal

– System for individual towers to add/removal the towers from the system

– Hydroponic Vertical Aeroponics Tower is suitable for all leafy plants or small plants like chilly, strawberry etc.

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