What is Hydroponic?

Hydroponic is a modern agriculture technique that focuses on growing plants without Soil. Soil in traditional agriculture technique fulfills three main needs of the plant; 1) nutrients, 2) physical supports 3) Help in retaining moisture. Over the period, various media and means are developed to replace soil and provide the plant all three basic needs through alternate means in more controlled and precision way. This has helped in improving productivity, reducing dependency on farm labor, reducing land, reducing water usage and most importantly opened the door of technology and brought a new term in commercial projects; “urban farming”.

Urban farming redefined the meaning of agriculture land area. An Acre in Hydroponic yields is equivalent to multiple of acres of soil based yield. With technology infusion, a couple could take control of the Acre of hydroponic farm, which in soil based agriculture was impossible to think. Water is recycled, hence usage reduced to fraction.

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and Vertical Farming are innovative approaches to growing crops in a controlled and sustainable environment.
In CEA, the growing environment is optimized to provide the ideal conditions for plant growth and development, such as temperature, humidity, light, and nutrients.

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Installed 1000 sqm flat bed NFT from Emesh in MIT, Aurangabad. Amazing and very hard working staff. It is a emerging company and expecting a lot more looking at their work pace. Mr. Manoj Nigam, the director of the company is highly skilled in Hydroponics sector.
Bhagyashree ma‘am, the sales manager is very professional and at the same time very down to earth. She gave us training
and introduced us to NFT after complete installation from their company.
Mrs. Shiwani is well experienced in agronomy and research sector and she conducted our three days hydroponics as well as greenhouse management training.

MIT, Aurangabad

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