Emaar Farm Animal Fodder Machine installation in Jammu

Mr. Varun Gupta faced a major challenge of obtaining high quality fodder for his cattle in the Diary. High temperature variations in Jammu make it difficult for growing good quality animal fodder all year through. Emaar Farm’s completely Automated all weather Hydroponic Animal Fodder machine helped this Dairy Farm in Jammu solve its animal; fodder problems. The machine supports growing of 20-22 types of seeds irrespective of climatic conditions. The hydroponic setup has resulted in highly digestible good quality fodder all year through. Mr. Varun is very happy with the high dairy yield and healthier cattle

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One of the large Greenhouse set up in Hyderabad by Emaar Farm Technik

Location: Hyderabad

Area: 320 Sq.Meters

Produce: Hydroponic set up for leafy vegetables

The Fan and Pad Greenhouse hydroponic setup in Hyderabad is an ideal case study on approach for commercial high tech agriculture. Srinivas and his partners wanted to diversify from the IT profession, they started a small hydroponic set up as trial to understand the operational and well as nitty gritty of the high tech agriculture.

The success of the home set up led them to develop a commercial set up spread over 320 Sq. Meters of hydroponic set up. The Greenhouse solution provided by Emaar Farm is high density NFT set up for leafy vegetables. Emaar has also installed the automation solution for nutrient dosing and mixing that helps in nutritious and chemical free produce. The turnkey solution provided by Emaar Farm included Greenhouse installation, Hydroponic set up, Farm automation, Training at the farm, Consumable supplies and Nutrient supplies.

Emaar Farm Technik latest installation of Greenhouse Hydroponic at MIT, Aurangabad

Emaar Farm Technik latest installation of Greenhouse Hydroponic at MIT, Aurangabad has been a very fulfilling & enriching project for us. Aurangabad has semi-arid climate which is not conducive for agriculture. The solution to this was the Greenhouse Automation by Emaar Farm Technik which has advanced features like Integrated Automated Controllers with Nutrient Dosing & Mixing features, Automated Sensors, Monitoring through android smart phone, Memory function for prevention from power outages.

Cold room based Hydroponic set up

Location – Kolkatta, Howrah

Area-4500 Sq.ft.

Produce- 100kg per day

Another milestone project by Emaar Farm, a high tech Cold Room based large Hydroponic set up This is first of it kind in India, a cold room based hydroponic set up with walls of PUF panel and Polycarbonate roof. The large commercial hydroponic set up is spread over 4500 sq ft with 28000 plant set up and ensures produce of 100kg per day.

The set up involves a combination of grow lights and sun light and the cooling is done through air conditioning and micro foggers. The greenhouse set up has Poly carbonate roof with walls made of PUF panels. This hydroponic set up is one of its kind of Agritech set up in Eastern India.