Emesh  Farms Technik is proud to offer growing services for their customers with endeavor to help them successfully run the operations and become successful in Hydroponic vegetable growing. Emaar is a successful EPC contractor having 8 years of experience with manufacturing facility for most of the Hydroponic components, including all formats e.g. NFT, Grow bed, Dutch buckets, Vertical towers, net cups, connectors etc; Automation hardware and software, nutrients etc Venturing into growing services has given them edge to continue their partnership with customers even beyond commissioning of the project and ensure that they ripe the best fruits of their efforts and money through successful operations. Growing services mainly focuses on ensuring that customer get the best quality produce in the optimum quantity and their overall farm productivity remains high as projected in the initial business case. It is found that if monitoring and right treatment is not carried out at the right time, user is slated to loose between 25%-30% of their produce on yearly basis and thats the main driver behind focusing so much on these services for our customers.

Agriculture Guidance