Temperature Sensor Hydroponic PLC Control system


Temperature sensor and control for Hydroponic Shadenet fodder and Vegetable system allows long range of temperature setting using the Software. Automatically control up-to 4 electrical equipment e.g. Pumps, lights, foggers etc 1 Year Warranty. – System comes with all electrical protections. It is completely Plug and Play and supplied with detailed manual


Emesh Temperature sensor-based Hydroponic PLC Control system allows controlling the temperature and other parameters using a software-based controller. following are the main features:

  • Temperature sensor and PLC control system is used in Hydroponic Shadenet fodder and Vegetable system
  • Allows Any temperature setting along with the range
  • Software to automatically control up to 4 electrical equipment e.g. Pumps, lights, foggers etc can be controlled through interplay logic
  • 1 Year Warranty. – System comes with all electrical protection
  • Plug and Play – Detailed manual for all settings
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The PLC Control system is designed and developed in-house and filled with all hydroponic growing field experience from different customers. All components used in the controllers are standard and their connections functionality are tested using industry standard testing methodology. It passes through intense quality checks before dispatched to the customers.

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Additional information


Powder coated Panel, PLC Control system with all protections and breakers.


Emaar Farm Technik Trade Mark


Can controls upto 4 different electrical components like Pumps, lights, foggers etc through the interplay of each of them

Suitable For

Hydroponic Fodder unit, Hydroponic Vegetable setup, Household or terrace hydroponic Gardens