Hydroponic Dutch Bucket

Emesh Hydroponic Dutch Bucket is made from virgin PP material is best from the industry. It is unbreakable and an ideal solution for growing big plants


Additional information


30cm X 25 cm X 23 Cm


Virgin Food grade PP plastic. Unbreakable. Comes with 2 black color Siphons

Ideal For

Virgin Food grade PP plastic. Unbreakable. Comes with 2 black color Siphons

Compatible Media

Hydrotone, Perlite

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Detailed Product Description

Hydroponic Dutch bucket is the best choice for growing big fruity vegetable plants like Tomato, cucumber, capsicum, cherry tomato etc. Best advantage they have over other hydroponic formats like grow bags or trough system is that nutrients water is recyclable. It helps saving a great deal of nutrients, hence the growing cost.

We manufacture Hydroponic dutch bucket ourselves and it comes with following features:

  1. Virgin quality PP
  2. Yellow cream color
  3. 30cm X 25 cm X 23 Cm with Siphon (2 of them)
  4. Water Recycling connections
  5. It is typically used with Hydroton (and sometimes also mixed with Perlite). In one dutch buckets around 10 Liters of Hydroton is used. Hydroton is not provided by default with the Dutch buckets however, it can be supplied on demand.

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