How to grow seedling using oasis cubes ?

grow seedling using oasis cubes

First Hydroponic grow seedling using oasis cubes experience is always  very interesting and learning. In most cases, the growing journey stars after you have already chosen (and setup) the Hydroponic format like NFT, DWC, Dutch Bucket etc. and eager to see the lush green vegetables in your setup.

At this point, the careful, correct growing approach can boost the confidence on both technology and yourself and at the same time, push you back many steps behind, if you don’t get the success.

Key to the well grown and rigorous plant is the strong seedling. If seed to seedling journey of first 10-15 days is well passed then high chances that plant will give very good optimum growth.

This article focuses on grow seedling using oasis cubes for the transplantation to any Hydroponic formats.

(Following method is generic in nature and applies to most of seeds; however, few seeds may require different kinds of process and conditions. Kindly refer the seeds brochure before adopting the process)

Day 0-3

Put 3-4 seeds around 3mm down the seed mark in Oasis cube. Use match-box stick to push seeds down below, if the seeds are small.

Sprinkle water into Oasis cube to make it wet. Make sure that water should be just right. Lots of water make the cube very soggy and spoil the seeds.

First 3-4 days (till the little sprouting shoots are visible from cube), the cube has to be kept at dark (or normal low light) in little moist and warm place. You could cover the seedling tray with transparent plastic lid. Lid helps retaining the moisture and also maintains warmth.

grow seedling using oasis cubes

day 4-7

Once the little shoots are visible, seedling requires light and little cooler temperature.

You can start ¼ strength nutrient solution and start showing sun at least for 4-6 hours. Keep the cube wet (but not soggy) all the time. Typically, 2-3 times sprinkling nutrient water on the cube should be good enough.

Once the little shoots are visible

Day 7-15

When the true leaves are visible then increase the nutrient strength to ½

Give the plant more light and control the temperature.

grow seedling using oasis cubes

Day 15-21

After leaves are at least an inch longer, start giving the full strength nutrient solution.

full strength nutrient solution.


Good care, correct light, temperature and watering is the key to strong grow seedling using oasis cubes.These conditions may be different for different seeds but the fundamental steps remain almost same across all. Once get the understanding clear, it will be a very pleasant and successful journey.

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