Auto Doser

Innovative Nutrient dosing and mixing machines allows nutrient mixing and precise control over dosing quantities to the main unit. Software based controller gives lots of flexibility and options to the users


Model: EFT-NX- Category

Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 3 × 10 cm


Ideal For

Hydroponic Nutrients mixing and dosing to the main line. Greenhouse operations control through Integrated controller.


Powder coated controller box, precise peristaltic pumps, software based controls, server integration

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Detailed Product Description

Nutrient Mixing and Dosing System is an advance hydroponic nutrient dosing and mixing solution to the precise quantity. Have both online and offline versions

Architecture and functionality of these units take Greenhouse and Hydroponic Automation to the next level. They offer very detailed and flexible feature list which helps to configure and independently control all parameters to the desired value. Following are its main features:

– Nutrient mixing and Dosing System to mix Hydroponic nutrients in precise quantities with calibration of EC and Ph to best suit the plant growth need
– Product is configurable to 3 or 4 tank system

-It can take the stock solution from three part nutrients and one part Acid or two parts nutrients and one part Acid.
– It offers online monitoring and control of EC and PH
– Offers special online valves and mixers for uniform mixing and dissolving of nutrients
– It is suitable to irrigate from 100 Sq ft green house to 3 Acre green houses
– It offers settable auto schedule for nutrient and watering to green house and plants
– It can have separate EC and Ph setting for Day and Night
– It offers choice of SMS alerts and data logging for all critical parameters

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