Advance Semi Automated Hydroponic Fodder Shadenet Machine

Low-cost open type aluminium framed shadenet fodder machine. Advance model comes with temperatre sensor and reduces the unit temperature by 4-5 Degree (Innovative design). The system also has a water conditioner, water filter and pump. Available from 100KG/Day till 10000 KG/Day


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Weight N/A
Dimensions 244 × 91 × 287 cm

Aluminium Frame, Temperature sensor based, unbreakable plastic trays, high-pressure precise watering to plants based on PLC software


PLC based temperature Sensor controlled fogging system, Timer based watering to plants. 2 sprinklers each Tray

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Detailed Product Description

Starting in 2014, we are among the pioneers in manufacturing advanced shade net units that provide partial environment control units. We supply and service these units all across India. Built to the excellent workmanship and quality standard these machines work for many years without any breakdown. We also guarantee the lowest price across the competition. Advance Semi-Automated Hydroponic Fodder Shadenet Machine has the following features:

– Shadenet unit is Sensor controlled and allows automated fogging and watering to control the temperature
– It is made from rust free Aluminum Frame. It is very stable and long lasting. Unlike few other competitors who makes the unit using UPVC pipes (which is very unstable and dont have long life at all), this has shelf life even beyond 10 years.
– Controller in this unit is PLC based and software has Emesh copy right.
– Our innovative fogging system is Self designed and its key to the excellent fodder production
– Unbreakable, food grade, big (2.5 Ft X 1.5 Ft) Hydroponic Trays
– It is equipped with 2 Water Pumps and Filters (Advance unit), Water filter, Monoblock water pump etc

(For bigger units Kindly contact Emesh Farms Technik Private Limited We make units till 10000 KG/day size)

– You could get the Advance Semi Automated Hydroponic Fodder Shadenet Machine details also on

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