Emesh Seed treatment





  1. Seed Treatment supplement comes with several uses in organic and Hydroponic agriculture.
  2. It acts as a biological pesticide and boosts seed resistance against fungal attacks (wilt, leaf rust, root rot disease, etc.). It enhances seed germination and plant growth. It is not harmful to plants or animals.
  3. The treatment of vegetable seeds prior to planting can help control seed-borne diseases.
  4. Control of these diseases is necessary to prevent reduction in the crop yield. Some seeds are treated by suppliers or commercial nurseries prior to seeding of transplanted crops.
  5. To treat small quantities of seed, use appropriately-labelled Emaar seed treatment supplement.
  6. Shake seed and ESTS together 3 to 5 minutes in jars or cans (not over half full) with tight-fitting lids.
  7. For small packets, add a small amount of ESTS to the seed in the packet and shake well.
  8. If the seeds you buy were treated by the seed dealer or someone else, do not treat seeds again.