Fully Automatic Sprouts and Microgreen Machines

Sprouts and Microgreen units are fit to grow any kind of sprouts, micro green or Seedlings in environment control (heating, air conditioning, lights, watering etc) manner all across the year



Model: EFT-MS- Category

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Ideal For

Growing Any kind of Microgreens, Sprouts or Exotic seedlings. Allows precise temperature, light, water etc control for the optimum growth


Air Conditioning, Cold Room, Anti Bacterial Ozone and UV, Water proof LED lights, Advance PLC controller

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Detailed Product Description

We are pioneer in introducing advance environment controlled Automatic Sprouts and Microgreen Machines unit in India. Unit provides favorable conditions to grow any seedling or microgreen by allowing control on temperature, humidity, watering, light and airflow. Following are the main features:

– It is based on Cold room model and iIdeal for growing Seedlings, Nursery, Sprouts and Micro greens
– It runs on Autotmatic and PLC software.  Provides control for various seed based pre-setting
– It provides Air conditioning, humidity, air flow, water, light control
– Due to fully settable environment control and precise watering, it achieves 35% faster growth than open land
– Seedling and Microgreens are grown in pure water, no harmful pesticides or insecticides
– Unit have UV system for bacterial control
– Unit is made from Rust free aluminum and Hot dip galvanized. Long lasting

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