Nutrient Mixing and Dosing System 

Integration of greenhouse operations with nutrient mixing and dosing through this software based controller gives flexibility of making irrigation or fertigation decision based on the ambient conditioned. Very flexible, controller allows comprehensive greenhouse and nutrient mixing controls.


Model: EFT-NX-SingleGH Categories ,

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Integrated operations of both "Greenhouse automation" and "Nutrient mixing and dosing operations". Suitable for Single Greenhouse or Single setup


Powder coated controller box, precise peristaltic pumps, software based controls, server integration

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Detailed Product Description

Nutrient Mixing and Dosing System offers an unique integration of Nutrient dosing and mixing unit with the Greenhouse automation. It allows control of irrigation, fertigation, greenhouse temperature, humidity, radiation level, water temperature etc to the very precise level. For example, if outside is cloudy then why water plant so many times as opposed to when outside is very sunny. Controller senses these conditions and automatically adjusts EC/Ph level and watering conditions.

Following are its main features:

– System to mix Hydroponic nutrients in precise quantities with calibration of EC and Ph to best suit the plant growth need
– It has complete Greenhouse (GH) controls including Fan-Pad system, Fogging, Drips, Circulating fans, Radiation based watering etc
– It offers online monitoring and control of all critical greenhouse functions
– It provides integrated operations of plants nutrients and watering with GH parameters
– Nutrient Mixing and Dosing System is suitable to irrigate from 10000 Sq ft green house to 3 Acre green houses
– It offers settable auto schedule different crops and stages like nutrients mixing, watering to plants and Greenhouse environment controls
– It has separate parameters setting for Day and Night
– It offers choice of SMS alerts and data logging for all critical parameters

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