Fan and Pad Greenhouse

Fan and Pad greenhouse is best suited for hot temperature zones or growers who wish to focus on leafy or exotic vegetables. Emesh Farms experts use innovative technology and multilayer protection to reduce the temperature to around 12-14 degree celcius from ambient in dry areas. Our automation controllers offer single control panel to both greenhouse and hydroponics or soil based irrigation.

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Detailed Product Description

Fan and Pad Greenhouse is best suited for warmer temperature range areas and plants that require a cooler temperature range. Emesh Farms Technik Private Limited specializes in constructing these greenhouses in the record fastest time at very cost-effective and guaranteed quality standards.

We use the latest innovations and technology in the greenhouse field to benefit our customers at max. typically:

  • Option of 6m X 4m span or 8m X 4m span
  • Hot dip galvanized tubes with 2mm thickness
  • Customized height to give optimum cooling volume to plant volume ratio
  • Stainless Steel blades, options of 50 inch or 36 inch exhaust fan size
  • 6 inch thick, 2 meter high cooling cellulose pads with Stainless Steel frame and water gutters
  • Circulating fans with Stainless Steel body for longer life
  • Integrated advance Greenhouse controller to control the synchronous operations of Exhaust fans, Pad motors, foggers and circulating fans
  • Netafem foggers to drop the temperature in hot summer
  • 75% light cutting shadenet with option of Aluminet for heat reduction
  • 2o gauge thick GI gutter with uniform half circle shape. Single sheet for the entire length
  • 200 Micron poly film with Anti UV, Anti IR, Anti Drip for maximum heat and harmful light resistance
  • Option of industrial grade turbo ventilator
  • Options of motorized/manual shadenet retraction
  • Option of motorized/manual side curtain film rollup

Fan and Pad Greenhouse gives very good temperature reduction esp in dry area. They work on evaporation cooling technique and can reduce normally upto 8-10 degree temperature. with chillers it could go even lower. However it does not work so effectively near the coastal area.

Mechanism like foggers, side curtain, shadenet, ventilation etc do help reducing temperature to some extent if used very efficiently and synchronously using Emesh automation.

Emesh experts have 50+ greenhouse construction experience all over India and we are very proud to keep upgrading our knowledge and skills based on the innovations in this fastly changing field.

We follow industry standard project management practice to ensure client acceptance and review process at every steps and milestones. Timeliness and quality delivery is our strength. We have dedicated service and support team which serves the entire India to resolve any issue that customer could face either technically or from Agriculture side.

Our customer success is our success.

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