Business case and detailed project report

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Emesh Farms Technik Private Limited engages customers at early stage and helps prepare the business case with ROI calculations. That means creating a Detailed Project Report (DPR)

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Why Hydroponic is profitable in India?

Last few years have seen huge surge of Hydroponic interest and projects esp in Metro and Tier 1 cities. Corporates looking for diversification; Young generation between 30-40 years looking for carrier in future technology; High flying professional looking for an alternate carrier etc are all major classification of the Hydroponics customers.
India is a huge domestic vegetable market with 130 Cr population, primarily vegetarian. Also due to the unorganized nature of sector, it is ruled by poor farmer who is growing vegetables for living hood with very limited access to the capital or technology. Traders and middle man who takes the lion’s share and have no respect to the quality and dissatisfied end customer who is forced to buy poor quality vegetables with high percentage of residual pesticides, grown in unclean water and usually 4-5 days old before he get to buy or use it.
There is a big deficit of quality supply and hence huge upside possibility of price surge, if pitched rightly. This makes a very strong business case esp in Metro and Tier 1 cities, where residents have high purchasing power and very low ratio of monthly vegetable purchase versus monthly income.

Business case and Detailed Project Report (DPR)

Understanding the customer vision

Customer’s long term and short term goals

Market analysis for product selection and competitive pricing

Weather and topographic assessment of the land

Budgeting for initial capital and working capital

Calculation of profitability and returns on investment

EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) report

Goto Market report

EPR Report

Available Project Reports

2,000 SQFT Indoor

5,000 SQFT Indoor

Leafy plantation – Multi level (vertical)​

Leafy plantation

Leafy and tall plants (half – half) plantation

10,000 SQFT Greenhouse

Leafy plantation

Leafy and tall plants (half – half) plantation

20,000 SQFT Greenhouse

Leafy plantation

Leafy and tall plants (half – half) plantation

40,000 SQFT Greenhouse